Thames Path Deptford to Greenland Dock

On Friday 28th May 2010 I decides to go for a short walk before heading  to Catford for a few enjoyable pints in the Catford Ram.

This walk went in the opposite direction from the one I took on Wednesday.

I started at the same point on the Thames a few minutes from my house and decided to walk to (to catch my bus).

The first thing of interest I found was the piece of ‘Art Work’ called the Circumsphere which was erected in 1998.  Along the same stretch I found a Plaque dedicated to the memory of David O’hara and not far from there a boundary stone nicely preserved.

While walking along came a Thames Clipper so I watched it docking to Greenland Pier before I came across South Dock Marina which was full at the time.  I walked across the lock and past the Dog and Duck Stairs (named for a pub that stood nearby but was destroyed by a flying bomb in the Second World War).

I walked past Greenland Pier and found the Gate House, The Lock Keepers House and a Swing Bridge before discovering more ‘Art’ this time in the shape of a metal swirly thing commissioned by the London Docklands Development Corporation.

From there I walked inland towards my final destination of Canada Water, along Greenland Dock.  Here there was nothing to see as it is all housing, but would be interesting for another day out.

Photos from this walk can be found here.


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